Windsor-Essex Compassionate Community Coalition

We are a Coalition of more than 300 champions and 100+ agencies and associations from education, health care, social services, municipal, cultural, faith, business, non-profit, volunteer and informal sectors. We cross all levels of government, with federal; provincial, regional, county, and municipal involvement and support. We represent the full human service continuum – including hospice, dementia, hospital, home and community care, long-term care homes, and physicians – as well as social services and education partners. We includes non-profit (like United Way, Multicultural Council and Newcomers Centre of Excellence), business and labor partners. Research teams involving seven universities/academic networks across Ontario, including Windsor, are also involved.
The Windsor-Essex Compassionate Community is helping people in this county to live better, thrive, and prosper, at all stages of their life journey. We have challenged ourselves to step up and stand out to become Canada’s most compassionate community.


As a first step, we are working together to ensure aging citizens who need life-long care and their care partners are able to organize care around the things that are most important to them, and have the support they need to live well. By orchestrating community talents, care becomes a collective effort for positive change. This helps improve quality of life for all of us.

We will measure our success by the extent we are able to increase the happiness and connectedness of everyone in this community; to raise the quality of life for all aging citizens and those with life-long care needs; and to reduce the inequitable outcomes experienced by our most vulnerable.

The Best of What Community Used to Be and Can Become

Since September 2014, we have been working together to design a new kind of community care system, one that ensures that the help and care we need will be there for all of us. It is based on a simple formula for how any community can care more by using the resources and talents they have wisely. This system is now being implemented in this county.

One Collective Community Enterprise


Communities act to improve
population outcomes


Aging and
End of Life

Key Economic Driver

Population resource use/outcome
per year in population “hubs”

Two Tracks


Inspire A Movemnet


Build An Engine

Three Areas of Focus


One on one interventions targeting high-risk individuals and care partners

People with dementia, in last year of life,
or needing personal care


Community-wide interventions and key messages to change social norms



Federal, First Nations, Provincial,
municipal applications

Four Portals to Compassionate Care


Personal Care

Empowering citizens to live and die well



Connecting neighbours and youth who care



Improving life and living across populations



Reaching our most vulnerable

Five Levels of Change Makers



People needing care, friends and families


Youth and Neighbours

Buildings, groups and associations


Front line Providers

Service agencies, academic institutions, industry, service networks



Same – management level


Population Hubs

Sponsors; local coalitions

The community acts as an ecosystem. Each level is its own unique relationship-based micro-system, interacting with each other and its environment

Working Together for Collective Impact

Scattered and fragmented people, programs and relationships achieve isolated impact. Connected people, programs and relationships can achieve a collective impact. By pooling collective community assets and talents, we extend the reach and extract more value from existing services, making it actually possible to care more over a life-time (growing the pie, not just consuming it). Volunteerism and neighbourliness become fully embedded in citizenship, improving the health and happiness of everyone. By working together, we will improve community’s Triple bottom line and demonstrate year over year improvement on shared outcomes that matter to citizens and community – like equity, quality of life and value.