Human Service Providers Include:
Publicly funded, formal service providers (health – all sectors, social services and education), Non-government agencies (such as United Way, the Multi-cultural Council or YMCA) , Municipal services, and Businesses.

What Matters to Me...

I know I am an important part of the lives of people in Windsor-Essex county. I understand the needs of the people I serve. However, many of their problems fall outside the scope of my job and my training. I help people and their families who may experience broad and complex challenges such as poverty, social isolation, chronic health issues, mental health and addictions, behavioural concerns, divorce, pregnancy, literacy and education, developmental challenges, language, financial planning and approaching death. I know you can’t possibly respond to all the needs that people have. I may be at risk of high stress and burn-out if I frequently encounter people in distress I can’t help, and its not clear to me how they can be better helped.

Compassionate Care means to me...

I will be included as part of my patient’s team. I will join other human service workers, family, friends and volunteers, so the people in this county can get help with what’s most important to them, to live with dignity, and be more well. I will do my part, within the scope of my job and training. I will know hat others are able to do. I will know where to look for help when I encounter challenges I am unable to address. feel good about being able to give back to my community and provide the care people need to live and die well, in the circumstances and place of their choosing.
Care that works to sustain, restore and heal.

What Do I Get…
  • You will get an easy to understand summary of your patients’ health profile, as well as alerts about functional and social needs they might have.
  • Regular access to their self-reported experience and outcomes, which provides early warning of potential issues that may be developing so you can take preventative or risk mitigation steps.
  • You will also be aware of their future wishes for care, should their condition change.
  • If your patient gives you permission to see their information, you will be able to see the person’s complete social support system, and other providers involved in their care
  • You will be able to develop more robust care management and risk management plans and help them compensate for any gaps they are experiencing.
As A Result…
  • By working together, we will create a thriving care network and relationships where you can feel cared for, connected and valued by your community.

Making A Difference