Society is changing, and our approach to life-long care isn’t working. Population aging stresses a strained health system and care partners.  The world is changing, and communities need to reinvent themselves to build prosperity.  This is fundamentally a citizen problem. It presents an opportunity for real citizen-driven change.


Engage an entire county in building a fully effective community care system that ensures all people receive help to achieve their important goals, while improving access, equity, quality of life and reducing year over year costs at a community population level.
In the process we will become leaders in innovative ICT solutions for comparable community learning that can be adapted for any community in any jurisdiction.


Roll Out

  • Jan to June 2016

    Engage 50 citizen volunteers and 85+ early adopters to work through end to end implementation test

  • Fall 2016

    Randomized trial involving 500 end users in targeted neighbourhoods to test usability.

  • Fall 2017

    Randomized trial involving up to 10,000 end users across entire county to test impact. Develop strategic partnerships for growth and expansion.


Neighbours Portal

We are building stronger neighbourhoods (both geographic and shared interest communities), where neighbours find it easy to watch out and care for one another, and feel comfortable asking for and offering to help. Starting in 2 early adopter sites, we have launched a neighbourhood-wide talent search and are using social media and technology to make it easier for neighbours to get to know each other and connect socially.

Outreach Portal

Neighbours, families, citizens, first line responders (police, fire, EMS, mental health, etc) and service agencies will be encouraged to call the Distress Centre of Windsor-Essex when they become aware of a distress situation (e.g., citizen living at risk or in distress) that they cannot deal with directly, and when a shared community response is the most appropriate course of action. In appropriate situations, a “situation table” or community case conference will be organized at Family Services Windsor to organize the most appropriate shared community response.


Personal Care Portal

Over the next 5 months, we are recruiting 50 volunteers who will be offered a personally tailored package of education, coaching, feedback and supported to set up their own personal care team to achieve their highest quality of life. At the same time, human service agency partners and agency volunteers are exploring how citizen-led personal care approaches can be strengthened within their existing core businesses and across their respective sectors. We will demonstrate we can achieve a 5P standard of care (predictive, preventative, personalized, participatory and population-based) across the whole community.

Community Governance Portal

We are creating a multi-level governance structure to build, administer, strengthen and sustain community assets and capital on behalf of citizens to improve collective citizen and community quality of life; undertake population and outcome surveillance to narrow equity gap; and optimize assets to make progress on community identified aspirational goals.