COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP: Improving Life and Living, for all of us

We will make it easier for communities to improve population outcomes, equity and community prosperity by using the strengths and skills of citizens wisely.

What Matters To Me…
  • “Complex and systemic problems must be solved by the whole community coming together. It takes both leadership and faith to make a collective impact.”
  • “As an agency manager, I know I am already doing a lot of great work for the people of Windsor-Essex county. My group is connected to many other community agencies, but it’s hard for me to work across sectors and boundaries. I understand the local context: the people, the issues, the opportunities, the environment, the culture. I know what it takes to help the community, and what it would take to be able to do more.”
  • “As a system manager who works in this region, we need to make sure that our formal care system is sustainable and that communities can learn from each other. We need to see what’s working and where we can help make policy or funding changes to benefit our population. ”
Community Leadership Means To Me…
  • The full range of assets within our community should be joined-up to optimize citizens’ quality of life and improve equity.
  • My group will be able to work with others across sectors, so citizens do not get ‘lost in the system’.
  • I know the pulse, needs and desires of the community. I will be able to use this in setting community priorities to help people age, live and die in the best circumstances possible.
What Do I Get…
  • International recognition as a compassionate community
  • My group will be able to contribute as part of a collective effort to help all citizens in this county achieve a higher quality of life.
  • We will be able to tap into a greater pool of resources, and help our community’s impact to grow bigger and be connected to a greater collective purpose.
  • We will reduce waste and duplication. Our community strengths and assets that can be used more effectively by all.
  • We can avoid working in conflict or duplicating efforts, through being connected to the collective and synergistically working in sync.
  • Working as a community, we will be able to continually make progress to be better.
  • We will be able to connect to communities within but also beyond our own, to compare experiences, share and learn from each other
As A Result…
  • Our community works together so all citizens thrive and prosper.
  • The community works together to build the high quality places where people want to live and jobs want to locate.
  • Together, we will move the needle on population-level health and quality of life
  • This community has committed to make progress in improving population-level outcomes. We will be able to see if all the assets in the community are being optimized, and if we are making the progress we want.
  • I feel good about being able to give back to my community
  • I am developing new knowledge leading to a better future for all of us.

Tools and Resources For Me.

  • Community Quality of Life Tracker, to make shared outcomes visible
  • Network governance and project management to make progress on community action priorities
  • Predictive, population-based decision support tools to focus coordinated efforts to reach the most vulnerable
  • Means to integrate human services and informal care
  • Feedback that prompts community action to improve shared outcomes

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