I am a Person Needing Care

I identify myself as having a disability, being elderly OR being isolated and needing life-long care.

What Matters to Me...

I have a disability or life-altering, progressive or irreversible condition – and need flexible help on my own terms over the rest of my life.

“My disease has advanced to the point that I feel I need more care but I don’t want to be a burden to my family”

“I am scared about the future. There are many issues I am grappling with and many decisions to be made… from medical decisions, to finances, to family, to personal issues”

“Good care is important to me, but only a small part of what I need. I want a dignified life, to know my opinion and choices still count, and to have a purpose in the community, in spite of my limitations.”

Compassionate Care means to me...

I am comfortable asking for the help I need, while also giving back to my community in other ways. I know what quality of life means to me. I’ll be able to streamline assessments and communication across my circle of care so I don’t have to repeat my story multiple times. I’ll have help coordinating health, social, community, personal and volunteer services to achieve my goals and make progress in the things that are most important to me. I’ll be able to keep track of my journey, and my own reported outcomes, every step of the way. If I’m not able to use the information, technology or tools that are provided to me, I’ll have a community volunteer who will help me. Seniors, faith, multi-cultural, and student volunteers find it easy to reach out to me to offer me extra support (things like grocery shopping, friendly visits/reassurance checks, mowing his lawn, playing scrabble, and helping me keep up my garden).

Tools and Resources for me.

  • Sharing Our Journey Program (my own personal community coach and navigation)
  • My own personal health record, with all my medical and social care information in one place
  • A place that organizes my entire circle of care around what’s most important to me
  • A plan for my future
  • A personal safety net system
  • Education and training
  • Easier access to information

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