Society is changing, and our approach to life-long care isn’t working. Population aging stresses a strained health system and care partners. The world is changing, and communities need to reinvent themselves to build prosperity. This is fundamentally a citizen problem. It presents an opportunity for real citizen-driven change.

Building Canada’s most compassionate community

23 sponsors across all aspects of community life

120 community partners

Reaching 1,500 vulnerable citizens

Growing to reach 10,000 elderly, disabled and isolated citizens over time

Mobilizing 1,000+ neighbours and volunteers

Making an impact by improving quality of life, equity, happiness and value by 5 to 10% year over year

Care by the Numbers

80% of helping behaviour starts with a specific request or offer of help

80% of care at home is provided informally by family, friends and volunteers

80% of people experience health concerns each month; ¾ of the problems are managed without formal assistance

70% of Canadians would prefer to die at home but the reality is 2/3 of us will die in hospital

22% of Ontario caregivers of people receiving home care feel distressed or overwhelmed

20% of people in Windsor-Essex could benefit from compassionate community care including: 3,000 people likely in their last year of life; 6,000 people with dementia; 10,000 seniors who live alone; 16,500 people over 80 years old; and 58,000 people with a disability.