Community Quality of Life Tracker

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Make Your Experiences Matter

The Compassion Care Community is committed to measuring OUR impact on YOUR quality of life and experience of care.

We want to hear from YOU if you need care and:
  • are elderly
  • have a disability, of any kind OR
  • live alone or feel isolated.
We are also looking for caregivers of people requiring life-long care.
By registering with the new community system, you:
  • Will be more aware of your health and care experiences
  • Will receive information about quality of life findings you can easily share with your providers to help them organize your care
  • Your non-identifying outcome data will be used to keep track of community progress to improve quality of life.
  • Earn community credit for compassion

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Community Quality of Life Tracker

This tool has been developed by the Windsor-Essex Compassion Care Community.

It is an opportunity to allow communities to explore and understand the outcomes of their efforts on behalf of the populations they serve.

Shared Goals

By putting the data into your hand you can affect the ecosystem of care and help achieve the shared goals of the system.

Data Sources

The information in this tool is composed of unique data sets that will help you to view your outcomes over time and compared to you peers.

Our sources: